Health Therapies Team

Morell L. Maison
Morell L. MaisonSales & Marketing Director
Maison’s vast marketing experience pre-dates his renowned launch and implementation of Prestel (the UK Post office Viewdata technology in the U.K) with an impressive history as a leading sales consultant with Abbey Life and Target Life.

Prestelwas an interactive Videotex System developed during the late seventies and commercially launched in 1979. During his tenure, Prestel achieved 90,000 subscribers in the UK and was sold in 1994. The American ViewtronVideotex service was modelled on Prestel.

Maison has overseen some of the most successful Information Provider Development teams in the UK and has garnered a global reputation for his marketing expertise.

Admired for his boundless energy and uniquely dynamic approach to marketing, his strength lies in creatively designing and implementing successful strategies. A stickler for high standards of professional etiquette and a firm believer in teamwork, Maison enjoys connecting with people and understanding what drives them.

Daniella Maison
Daniella MaisonHead Of Communications
Daniella Maison BA (Hons) MA is the edgy London freelance writer who has carved out a notable reputation over two-decades as a Communications Specialist across the globe and spanning multiple industries.

Her mastery of oral and written communication has consistently been the force behind several international brands and high-profile figures. Founder of Maison Communications, author, ghostwriter, speechwriter, PR writer & commentator.

Head of Communications for, Trustee of children’s charity S.W.I.M Foundation.

Ralph Cohen
Ralph Cohen Director of Digital Communications
Ralph has been developing & marketing unique products that span from apparel to home accessories. He’s created a fashion line of apparel that is incomparable to anything out there.

His most current project is Branded Originals Inc Involved in multiple successful business. He created limitless designs and always pushes the envelope of what can or can’t be produced.

Joe Crespo
Joe Crespo
Having had success in the corporate world, culminating in running 2 separate multi-million dollar companies as well as owning several highly successful business’, in the early 90’s I turned my eyes to the Network Marketing industry and concurrently built successful national and international networks in multiple companies.

This has imbued me with the hands on knowledge of both sides of the coin when building a business, the corporate side as well as the field.

When an opportunity arises I am able to navigate the course seeing benefits or concerns to both the field and the company. I am overjoyed to have the opportunity to lend my expertise to Health Therapies, LLC and specifically the NatShield project.

Pia ixchel
Pia ixchel
Brand Ambassador