FogClean can be used with the liquid disinfectant or cleanser of choice to create a sanitizing fog that blankets an area and cleans all surfaces and the most hard to reach places. With contactless technology, you can sanitize simply and effectively with a minimal amount of solution and without the need to wipe down surfaces after application.


Used with EPA registered disinfectants, FogClean can be used to decontaminate and neutralize pathogens in indoor and/or enclosed environments within minutes. In light of coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), environmental cleaning and disinfection has played an important role in preventing the spread of infection. With the use of EPA approve disinfectants, dry fog produced by FogClean is a proven technology to combat airborne and surface pathogens.

Areas For Use Include:

As with any disinfectant and/or EPA-registered product, carefully read the label and only use the product as described in its directions. FogClean products create respirable droplets from liquid disinfectant. PPE may be required during application.