Nature’s Organic Answer To Pathogen Reduction

Brief History of Path-Away®

  • Conceptually developed in 2003 as an organic remedy after the SARS outbreak in Asia

  • Developed by a USA based Infectious Disease Scientist, Engineer and Global Consultant

President & Principal Research Scientist, USA

BioKlyn Biotech.
Chief Scientist, Tianjin, China

Faisal Group of Companies.
Infection Control Consultant, Riyadh, KSA

Holista Colltech Ltd.
Scientific Advisory Board, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

WHO (World Health Organization)
Stop T.B. Board, Geneva, Switzerland

Infectious Disease International Research Initiative
Ankara, Turkey

Camarines Norte State University
Collaborative Researcher, Philippines

Development History

Ongoing Development – Expect to see the release of a line of Personal Wellness products including skin creams for rashes and dermatitis, diaper rash cream for babies, anti-fungal foot cream and a new foam hand sanitizer and household use products.

Utilized for H1N1 outbreak in S.E. Asia2010
Formulated for micro-vaporization in hospital HVAC systems to reduce infection rates

Formulated for use as a topical disinfectant

Formulated as feminine gel for Candidiasis

Formulated for use in the poultry, porcine, equine and domestic pet industry

Formulated for use in the textile industry

Specially reformulated for agricultural use to replace highly toxic, chemical pesticides. The special reformulation added growth enhancement capabilities that increase crop yield

Where is Path-Away® Input Allowed?

100+ Countries Covered, Tested Proven Approved Input. Path-Away has also been deemed as allowed for use in organic production for compliance to international organic standards.

“Path-Away has been deemed as allowed for use in organic production by BioGro New Zealand. BioGro’s Input Certification Program assesses materials and products for compliance to international organic standards such as USDA-NOP, COR, JAS, IFOAM among others.”

BioGro New Zealand

What is Path-Away®

Path-Away Anti-Pathogenic Solution® is a phyto-chemical compound derived and formulated from plants. It is broad spectrum effective, certified input for organic, non GMO and alcohol free.

Registered with US Patent and Trademark office #4,032,774.

Path-Away Anti-Pathogenic Solution is derived and formulated from plants. It is EPA, FDA, USDA, EU, JAS Input Compliant, totally soluble, non toxic, USP 51 tested & approved, harmless to aquatics, bees and plants when applied as per instructions and developed in the United States.

Path-Away® Efficacy

Tested and proven high efficacy against more than 170 Pathogens of fungal, bacterial, viral and yeast origin both surface and airborne:

  • MRSA

  • C-diff

  • Salmonella

  • E-coli

  • H1N1

  • Staphylococcus

  • Mycobacterium tuberculosis

  • Fecal coliforms
  • Influenza

  • Pseudomonas

  • Penicillium

  • Aspergillus

  • Fusarium

  • Listeria

  • Streptococcus
  • Avian influenza

  • Herpes simplex

  • …and 100s more!

Path-Away Anti-Pathogenic Aerosol Solution comes pre-mixed and pre-formulated as required by specific need. Ensures efficacy, quality & ease of application.


Path-Away Anti-Pathogenic Aerosol Solution® is applied by different means depending on the specific need, circumstances and pathogen.

Direct contact application
Direct application by means of spray or wipe for all porous and non-porous surfaces. This method is also used for direct contact use as a non-alcohol skin sanitizer or on open sores, wounds and skin rash abrasions to prevent infection and promote healing.

This method is used to infuse Path-Away Anti-Pathogenic Aerosol Solution® into the building HVAC system (or general open space) to control airborne pathogenic bio-aerosols which case disease.

Features & Benefits

So safe it is currently used in children’s toothpaste, women’s collagen and women’s feminine hygiene products AND strong enough to kill 170+ documented fungi, bacteria, yeasts and viruses.

  • Organic based

  • Broad Spectrum Efficacy

  • Non Toxic

  • Kills 170+ Pathogens

  • Alcohol Free

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Cost effective

  • Safe for people and pets

  • Hospitals:    Reduce infection rates

  • Buildings:    Provide healthy environment

  • Crops: Kill diseases and increase yields
  • Animals: Kill diseases and reduce deaths
  • Finance:   Increase profits

  • Contains:   FDA ingredients approved for human consumption

  • Approved:    by US Government agencies for use on people, plants, animals